Pan Undermines Parental Authority- Empowers Gov't & CPS

Richard Pan introduced two bills called the children’s bill of rights, which is a deception to give the government more control over our children’s education, healthcare and ability to prevent parents from directing their children’s curriculum, including sex education. As it stands, teachers in Richard Pan’s district are instructed to allow five-year old children to change their gender name; the teacher is then required to make a new file, use the new name and by policy lie to parents about the transformation.

Instructors are required to sexualize kindergartners; including teaching them they are not fully male or female. By policy, if a five-year old girl decides she is a boy, she is permitted change her name to a boy’s name without a parent’s knowledge. Further, the teacher is required to create a new file with the different gender name, but must refer to the given name when speaking to the parent to keep the guardian unaware of the child’s new name.

Our children already have a bill of rights and that is in the Constitution. There is no need for the state to give our children a “new” bill of rights, which again, is only meant to undermine a parent’s right to choose the destiny for their child and what they believe is right as a parent, including what they deem inappropriate.

If SB 18 or SCR 41 pass, parents can easily be charged for “interfering” with their child’s right to an education and healthcare and find CPS knocking on your door. Senator Pan’s goal is not to help parents, but empower the government’s overreach and reduce parents’ right to that which is comparable to a their world communistic government. This is how dangerous Richard Pan is to the future of our children.