How Pan Endangers the Public - Bought By Big Pharma

Dr. Pan is notoriously known for stating water is the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines, claiming because more children die from drowning. However, people know getting vaccinated and swimming are two different things, irrelevant observations and fallacious reasoning meant to deceive.

Dr. Pan further asserted drowning is water toxicity, which also is not true. Drowning is defined as respiratory impairment, which is death by suffocation. Water toxicity is associated with electrolytes driven to unsafe levels by drinking too much water and has nothing to do with drowning, let alone vaccines. 

Pan’s attempt to mislead with fallacious reasoning is obvious to his constituents. Further, Dr. Pan’s false claim there is no mercury in vaccines is contradicted by the medical industry, CDC, vaccine inserts and even Wikipedia which states “Thimerosal is a mercury compound used as a preservative used in some vaccines.”

By lying about vaccine ingredients containing harmful toxins, Dr Pan beached his Hippocratic Oath "do no harm" and committed treachery as a state representative. Dangerous ingredient include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, glyphosate, aborted fetal tissue, foreign DNA, etc. Richard Pan is guilty of deliberately lying to protect the pharmaceutical industry and failed to serve the interest of those he swore to represent.

Healthcare knows it is critical before you transplant, transfuse foreign tissue or DNA, there must be a match; yet children are vaccinated with foreign DNA and aborted fetal tissue daily without any form of screening. Vaccines also come from China without verifiable oversight or way of ensuring the vaccines are not tainted, which has been proven by third party agencies.